Coo-ee Re-enactment March – Penrith CBD

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Coo-ee March Springwood 1915 Image from Blue Mountains Historical Society flickr account

An iconic moment in Australia’s history happened in 1915 when Captain Bill Hitchen and a group of 20 men began walking from Gilgandra to Sydney to enlist as volunteers in the Australian Army. Along the way, many other men joined them as they marched through each town. Their march prompted other men from other towns in NSW to do the same thing. This became known as the Coo-ee March.

On Saturday 7th November a re-enactment of the famous march will be held in High Street, Penrith.  Marchers will proceed from the corner of High and Station Streets (just outside Astute Training premises) and move east to the cenotaph in Memory Park.

This will take place from 12:45 to 1:00pm and will be accompanied by market stalls, music and ceremonies.

We encourage our students who live close by to attend the march to experience first hand a re-enactment of a moment in history which brings much pride to Australian citizens. If you do attend and would like to provide us with photographs of yourself at the celebrations, we would be happy to include them on the website.

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Summer is almost here!

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The crazy weather we have been having lately is Mother Nature’s way of telling us to get ready for summer.

We would just like to remind our students that most storms seem to hit just as it is time to leave college for the day and head to the train station!

So remember to bring your umbrellas if the forecast is for storms!

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Welcome back to Term 4, 2015!

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Hazel CroweWe hope all our students had a wonderful holiday and have returned refreshed and excited to countdown to our Christmas celebrations at the end of term.

We will be welcoming back Hazel Crowe as a regular trainer for our Aged Care students this term. Hazel is a very experienced nurse who can regale students with so many practical anecdotes from industry that classes will never be boring. We are sure Hazel will make your class fun, exciting and informative!

If this is your first Christmas in Australia we look forward to helping you cope with the heat, the food, the traditions and the amusements by having our class parties at the end of term. More information on that as we get closer to the date.

We will also be welcoming some new students in all classes and know that you will help us in guiding them through the transition period after arrival.

Looking forward to a great Term 4 with you all!

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Staff Changes

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Nancy Ghazaleh - Work PlacementWe are sad to say goodbye to a valued staff member at Astute Training.
Nancy Ghazaleh, our Work Placement Co-ordinator and Trainer is leaving to take up a position which will allow her more time to be with her family.
We are sure you will all join with us to wish Nancy the very best in her new career.
We will miss her!

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