Suggestion Box

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Do you have a suggestion that we could consider to improve our services to you?

You can download our interactive suggestion form here and send it to us via email 


find our suggestion boxes around the college and fill in the forms provided.

You do NOT need to sign your name to these suggestions.

We highly value your suggestions and hope that you will take advantage of this system to tell us what you think of our services.

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Plan and conduct group activities

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There has been a flurry of activity in Training Room 4 this past week as our Certificate IV Aged Care and Community Services students were deeply involved in learning how to plan and conduct group activities for clients.

This is a subject that really brings creativity to the theoretical and practical application of learning. Students devised activities for their clients and acted out a group activity session. This session has been filmed and will be made available under our Video page as soon as the final editing is done.

For now we invite you to view the outcome of the activities and thank our students for really putting their hearts into their learning.

PB180148 PB180149

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Fun and Games in Business Studies

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Recently our Certificate III Business students were challenged by their trainer to create a PowerPoint presentation that was interactive, fun, and challenging for other users and they certainly stepped up to the task!.

Each student made an interactive game involving a user trying to out-run, out-race, or escape from a maze like path before being thrown out of the game. We had everything from halloween to cartoons to road rage effects in the classroom.

Hats off to these incredibly talented people who, when given a small bit of instruction and guidance, take it to the next level.

Have a look at some of the screen shots from the games, all done using only MS PowerPoint.





Whatever will they come up with next?!?! Stay tuned!

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Melbourne Cup Day 2015

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What a great day we had with all our students and staff for the running of the Melbourne Cup!

Britt and Lauren were first out of the gate with their handmade paper hats. They directed students to the old nag, (aka the oldest bookmaker on earth) Kim, who was dressed for the occasion as she handled all the sweeps and crowd control for students and staff who were hoping to draw the favourite!

The Dark Horses, Christine, Debbie and Cindy were busy keeping the students going the distance in the classrooms and stopping them from bolting down the straight to the local stores to buy fascinators and other fancy hats.

By the time the race flag was raised, our whole contingent were jockeying for position in Training Room 4 and chomping at the bit to watch The Race That Stops a Nation.

Tension mounted as the last horse drew into the barrier and then…they were off! And so were around 130 students and staff spurring on the horses. The roar of the crowd must have been heard in Melbourne!

Those lucky enough to be first past the post were odds on favourite students to shout pizza for lunch next week!

A great time was had by all and ended with the staff of the day being reined in for a photo finish!

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Our Wonderful Students

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It seems that this news is happening more frequently now as our wonderful students gain sponsorship or permanent residency.

Your hard work and dedication is paying off and we are all so happy for you.

Congratulations Kristine and Niel Oro!

Congratulations Marjorie Barril!

We are all so proud to know you!

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Stress Awareness Day 4th November 2015

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Today is Stress Awareness Day so let us all celebrate and DE-STRESS!

Too often the commitment to study and work takes time away from the things in life we love to do – visiting family, pursuing hobbies, eating properly, getting enough sleep – NOT STRESSING!

So we encourage all our staff and students to take some time today and remember that great quote from John Lennon (and if you don’t know who John Lennon is then you need educating in music!) :)


For more practical help with de-stressing visit Beyond Blue and download the fact sheets on stress awareness.

And if you are someone who likes to use colouring in as a stress free exercise, view this page.

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International Students Recognised for Community Involvement

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Photo: NSW Government
Photo: NSW Government

At Astute Training Pty Ltd we value the contributions our hard-working students give to their various employments in Australia. We have many students who work long hours in the nursing, community services, hospitality, business, cleaning, distribution, engineering and disabilities industries. We even have a student who works in agriculture. Many of our students are rewarded by their employers with the offer of sponsorship after proving themselves during their employment. We support every single student who enters our doors in their quest to gain permanency in Australia and encourage them in their efforts.

Recently NSW international students were celebrated for their achievements and contributions to the community in an award ceremony hosted at the Sydney Opera House by Stuart Ayres MP. Whilst our students were not involved in this ceremony we are proud to say that Astute Training students are testament to the hard working diligence so evident in these winners.  Read more about the awards ceremony at

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