At Astute Training Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, welcoming and hygienic environment for our students and staff.

Our 6 large training rooms are equipped with state of the art audio and visual appliances that offer students large screen learning experiences. These also allow for interclass video conferencing.

Each training room provides free internet access for all students and has new laptops, tablets and printers for student use. Business studies students are provided with a USB free of charge to save their work.

DVD’s, text and reference books are available for the use of all students and our Simulated Nursing Environment offers students practical experience in using a range of nursing and first aid equipment.

We also have 2 fully equipped kitchens and bathroom areas for student use during breaks.

Our Student Support Office is located away from the main training rooms to ensure confidentiality and privacy for every student.

Fax and photo copy requests may be placed with our receptionist. There will be no charge for this service if the copying relates to the students course of study.

Please take some time to view our Galleries for photos of our facilities.

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