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Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF) Survey

We invite you to take part in a survey being conducted by Astute Training Pty Ltd to seek your views on the quality of our education and training.

The survey is being conducted to collect feedback from learners on their views about their learning and training experiences. The outcomes play an important role in developing and delivering training at Astute Training Pty Ltd.

Your feedback counts. The survey is being conducted to collect feedback from learners on their views about their learning experiences. Astute Training Pty Ltd uses the feedback it receives from learners as part of its continuous improvement processes to ensure it provides quality training and assessment. Astute Training Pty Ltd must also provide a summary report of feedback from learners to its Registering Body to provide an indication of its performance. This is a condition of registration. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Please note that your response is private and confidential.  Individual respondents will not be identified in any data or reports. Survey responses will not be linked with enrolment records.

Participation in this survey is highly valued, but voluntary. You are free to withdraw consent at any time. We will protect your anonymity and the confidentiality of your response to the fullest possible extent within the limits of the law.

If you have any questions about this survey or would like further information, please visit contact Cindy Fuller at Astute Training Pty Ltd on 0247325088 or

Thank you for considering your involvement in this survey. We wish you all the best in your future education and career.

To take the survey please:

  1. Click on the image (your survey will open in a new window)
  2. Complete the survey (you do not have to print as the survey is interactive)
  3. Save the survey to your computer.
  4. Email the survey to as an attachment.

Thank you!!


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