International Students are required to maintain self-funded medical and hospital cover for themselves and their dependents during their period of study in Australia.

This is an Australian Government requirement which provides a safety net for international students. It includes cover for visits to the doctor, some hospital treatment, ambulance cover and limited pharmaceuticals (medicines).

There are several companies that provide health cover. General information on overseas student health cover can be found here. 

Astute Training Pty Ltd will be happy to arrange your health cover through Medibank upon confirmation of your arrival date or you may arrange your own Overseas Student Health Cover and provide Astute Training Pty Ltd with a copy of your policy.

Current Overseas Health Cover Prices from Medibank as at 2017 are:

Length of Cover Single Couple Family
14 months $645.00 $3254.15 $5353.15
22 months $1021.00 $5206.80 $9523.80
26 months $1216.00 $6210.00 $11994.30
29 months $1367.50 $6982.50 $14147.35

These costs are subject to change by Medibank at any time. Please check for most current costs before organising your OSHC.

If you wish to arrange your own OSHC prior to arrival, this website may come in handy.

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